Roaches & Rats Partnership

Our Story

A.M. the Author


AM the Author Bio

A.M. is Inspiring Community leader. He use his Writing skills to take his audience on the Journey with him through life. Trying to build with each audience’s member one by one through his music. Letting the people getting to know him personally, in hopes to reach enough souls to make an impact in different cultures. A.M. is one of the founder member of RnR.



TNotez Makes Beatz

TNotez wants to teach the world through his struggles. He met A.M. in their hometown of the Bronx, while break dancing in “150 Park”. The co-founder of RnR is most well known for his beat making and engineering skills but hosts a plethora of other passions such as spoken word poetry and graphic design. TNotez loves to network and is all about uplifting and empowering others. Find him at

Ant Good


Ant Morgan Good

Entertaining, fun, spontaneous crowd warmer! These are just few words to describe lyricist and host Ant Morgan Good. When he is not laying down his own catchy, dance-inspiring tracks, this vivacious energy is getting booked to host some of the biggest names in music and reality tv; names such as singer/rapper PNB Rock, Sassy from VH1’s BlackInk, BBOD from VH1’s Love and HipHop and more. Not to mention hosting an array of phenomenal up-coming artist such as A.M. the Author and Taiheem “T-Notez” Wentt of the Roaches & Rats movement! In the words of Ant Morgan Good himself, “Ain’t no party like an AMG party!”

Brian Breton


brian benton Engineer

bsquar3d, born and raised in New York City, He grew up focusing on a passion of filmmaking. However he became heavily influenced from his digital video projects in the music aspect that lead him to create compositions of his own. The time of composing Dance/Electronic, Progressive House, and on occasions sometimes other forms of Electronic music had come. He began engineering, producing and collaborating with other artists.

Will Bishop

Street Team Organizer

Will Bishop Street Team

Will Bishop aka Sense 22 an inspiring student of the Hip Hop world, an all around student of walks of life. Been affiliated with the R&R crew since this summer, soon becoming a hip hop journalist, activist, spiritual advisor. His main goal is too become a inspiring A&R, Radio Personnel & student of the game. He’s also coming up in his last year of college in liberal arts & science. He’s determine to make differences within the crew & his community.

Romeo Reynolds

Digital Strategist

Romeo Reynolds

Hailing from the hills of St Catherine, Jamaica. Romeo has always a passion for the field of computing. He studied computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence. He’s recently turned his sights on web development. Developing systems for real estate and e-commerce businesses. He serves as the digital strategist for the Roaches and Rats Partnership. Devising and implementing their online and social media growth.